UHN Biospecimen Services is a
centralized, large-scale biospecimen
storage and sample information
management group.
BIOSPECIMEN STORAGE & SHIPPING FIND OUT MORE Our services offer short and long-term storage for your
biospecimens and ensure premium quality and longevity.
COVID-19 BIOBANK FIND OUT MORE UHN Biospecimen services provides high-quality
biospecimens and associated clinical data to
enable researchers to expedite and facilitate
COVID-19 research.
DIGITAL PATHOLOGY SERVICES FIND OUT MORE With an enriched history in Biobanking, our
team will provide consultations, expertise and
recommendations for all of your pathology
and histology research requirements.

UHN Biospecimen Services

Trusted by top research investigators in Toronto, UHN Biospecimen Services provides a wide variety of services for the enhancement and progression of novel and innovative research and discovery. It facilitates research through:

Processing, Storage & Shipping

High-quality human biospecimen samples such as: fresh frozen and formalin fixed paraffin embedded (FFPE) tissue, compartmentalized blood components such as serum, plasma, and whole blood peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) and other biofluids, including saliva and urine.

Imaging, Analysis & Extraction

Tissue microarray (TMA) construction and quantitative image analysis of TMA sections, Laser capture microdissection (LCM), digital slide scanning, quantitative image, and pathological/clinical analysis for various tumour sites and DNA/RNA extraction.

Support & Guidance

In addition, UHN Biospecimen Services provides support and guidance to researchers and biobanks on accessing, collecting, and using human biospecimens and associated data for health research. This includes:

  • Customized prospective protocol-specific banking
  • Database development
  • Consulting services
  • Support for COVID-19 research
  • E-library (Coming Soon)

Our Services

We offer prospective protocol specific banking tailored to your research needs, including: patient eligibility screening, consenting, biospecimen collecting, biospecimen handling, biospecimen processing, clinical data annotation and long-term sample storage services and shipping.

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